Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's That All About?

I am curious to know why when police officers serves a search warrant (for a person) on non-wealthy people, do they have to destroy personal property, be disrespectful and down right vulgar to one's home. If the warrant was being served on a person who is well-to-do (wtd) they do not pour food (rice, flour, sugar) all over the floor and personal belongings. They do not not tear holes in wtd People's furniture. Why must the poor suffer twice? I am curious to know what the rage is about when they run into poor people's homes and destroy them because they could! Why do they feel the need to degrade the poor even further? I am just curious to understand the thinking behind those actions. Are they afraid the wtd will sue the county?

I, in no way uphold someone for committing a crime against society. I am trying to understand the logic behind the officers actions. I asked an officer that question and he said, "because I can!" Upon further questioning he became hostile and ask me if i wanted to go to jail for asking too many questions? I said, "is it against the law to speak to police officers? Is it against the law to ask questions?" I reminded him that I knew my rights and that as long as I was not impeding any type of official process he could not harm me.

I often see police officers requesting higher salaries to take care of their families (Understandable)! Why should our society give officers more money to disrespect the working poor. The working poor constitute anyone living paycheck to paycheck (Sometimes officers are in the same category!).

I went to a friend's house to pack and move their belongings because they were arrested in another part of town. It just so happen that they went to the house looking for the person and the person's roommate had drugs in their possession. The house was not be any means a drug den it was a regular house. 1. Do officers looking for someone else have the right to search everyone on the premises? 2. Does officers have the right to toss the house if the person they are looking for is not there? 3. Does officers have the right to destroy your home because they found drugs on your person and not in the house? 4. Does officers have the right to withhold information from family about the person's whereabouts once they are under arrest? 5. Why does counties take away a defendants right to have a lawyer present when they are being arraigned in front of the magistrate? 6. I am thoroughly confused!

Please someone help me to understand this insane problem with our police department. I know all officers do not act so heartless, disrespectful, or even thoughtless. And for the people who would say that officers put their lives on the line for us everyday, I understand that too! But guess what that's a job they chose to do and with any job you want to do your best, be professional and survive! I get that! Everyday individuals in other jobs put their lives on the line as well, but they find the strength to be professional and responsible for the actions. What is the excuse of those officers that do take pride in what they are doing and do what they want? What about the fact that police officers have the right to speak to their attorney before talking the internal affairs? What about police officers have the right to think for 48 hours (to get their story straight) before talking to the authorities? I guess everyone isn't created equal because even our bravest firefighters don't get that privilege! Wow!

I wish I had that kind of union that covers up my wrong doing - even if its just being disrespectful!
What do you all say? I want to know.